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Child Rights

Child Rights

Aim believes in strengthening child rights because children should be able to enjoy their childhood in a free atmosphere. They do not need sympathy but due share of their rights. Aim provides to all its children an enabling environment for quality services of education, health, clean water and sanitation so as to ensure their well being. Aim work towards improving the status of children to create safe, secure and reliable environment for every child to grow develop and survive with dignity and without any discrimination and prejudice. Aim acts with multidimensional approach to engage parents, teachers, government, local bodies and media to address children’s issues.
Aim challenges the patriarchal society, legitimizes discrimination and elimination of girl children. Also challenge the dominant mindset by building cadre of young boys and girls, who support us in our endeavours to make gender equality a lived reality. We organise and manage Children’s forum (Bal Manch) to mobilize children to ensure participation, provides an opportunity to share their views, feelings and concern regarding education and health.

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